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10 Healthy Relationship Habits For A Long-Lasting Relationship

10 Healthy Relationship Habits For A Long-Lasting Relationship

Let me tell you a story about June and John and their healthy relationship habits.
June and John are 70 years old, and when they see them, there is only one thought in their head:” they are meant for each other.”
He is resourceful and sometimes Moody, loves his garden and waters it 4 times a day on summer days.
Your best time of day is when you are sitting on the sofa with a book in your hands.
They both scream about their naughty dog every day. I’ve never heard them argue, but I think after almost 50 years of marriage, this is something you can’t measure – most older people just whisper something short and powerful to get their spouse to get a point.

To top it all off…

I’ve never seen one of them alone.
My office has a street view and I could see her walking around every morning.

Good, because you’re thinking about it.
There is no way to make a relationship work.
And you’d be right.
But guess what!
There are simple things that can make the journey smoother.

So let’s take a closer look at all 10 healthy relationship habits that you need to develop to build a healthy and strong connection with your loved one.


First of all…
Be honest about our feelings when they are positive and blossom easily.
Encouraging each other is easy.
After all…
Our top priority to spend our lives together is to help each other grow and become better versions of themselves. You are with your partner because you love the way it makes you feel. And they value themselves a little more because he loves them back.

Believe it or not, when things go wrong (and sometimes do), we tend to fall back on our honesty very quickly.

Here’s a question for you:

Do you still criticize your partner when there is a risk of offending them? Usually wait for him to “learn his lesson” before you tell him, ” I told you.”?

It goes without saying that…

A healthy relationship is not possible if we are not honest with each other, even if there is a good chance of offending our partner.

Honesty in love is not about pushing the other in the direction we think is right, but about sharing love, including our negative opinions.

I asked June and John to tell me what their secret was. They looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and such things cannot be summed up in one word. However, they said the same word at the same time.

And this is the second habit of a healthy relationship.


Some people call it sacrifice.
The difference is that when we think about the victims, it gives us an epic feeling that we have done something extraordinary and need a reward.

On the other hand, decisions that help us achieve shared happiness are compromises. Commitment serves a larger image and loses its shape over the years. Sacrifice is a personal act that goes against our faith and makes our souls almost bleed when they perform it.

Let me put it bluntly.

Commitment is the most important healthy relationship habit that we should maintain.

This means understanding the other, if we really don’t want to. The commitment is to give up something small for the glory of the big things in life.

Perhaps any relationship, as expected, has some key points-issues that both people should focus on and commit to.

When commitment arises and is valued, it is no longer a burden.

I’ll tell you something, but:

Some examples: religions, if you have children or not, if you get married or not, if you give up personal space, freedom or self-service and respect. These are not examples of obligations, but an immediate agreement that you should not ignore.

3/Fears to share

We fight our fears every day.

My fears may not be my partner’s fears, but I still feel comfortable sharing them with them. You should, too.


Understanding and respect Shine best when we talk about our fears.
Answer the following questions yourself:
Don’t you feel free to Express yourself in front of each other?
Do you show empathy and compassion when your partner opens up to you?
If not, encourage him to talk about them.
You see…
It’s not about what you need to know, but it may be a hint that he’s holding back for some reason.

So start gently sharing your fears, talking about them, and encouraging them to do the same. If not, don’t click.

Instead, let him feel comfortable and let him know that he is not judging or laughing at him.

Showing vulnerability is the key to creating a strong connection, and without it, there is no healthy relationship.

4/Reconnect daily

Flash news:
The “smart-this-smart-that” world we live in gives us countless opportunities to communicate with each other every day.
Here’s an idea: send a short SMS to brighten up your partner’s day a little more.
Of course, you may feel overwhelmed by your 103 SMS messages and miss your next 15 calls during the day. Remember that less is more.
Sounds stupid? No.
The healthiest relationships out there are those in which both people use small Windows in their busy lives so that the other knows what they are thinking about him.
And while this is the simplest habit of all, the next one is probably the most difficult.

5/Disable daily

No, I don’t play games with your mind.

But I’m telling you that your phone, TV, Internet, and social media are killing your relationship every day.

Annoying, isn’t it?

The same thing that keeps us bound together separates us by the same great force.

What is the magic formula?

Don’t dig your devices.

Instead, give them less power over you.


Your phone is not a natural extension of your hand. Nothing life-changing is going to happen on a TV show that you watch every night instead of hugging your partner. None of this is important to you.

But you know what?

Your absence from the life of another is important to you.

6/Quality time together

One thing led to another.

Our healthy relationships habit number 6 affects not only spending time with others, but also spending time together.

The fact is that watching movies once a week can be enjoyable, but spending three hours in front of the TV every night doesn’t add time to your relationship.

Then what is it?

Talk about your dreams, fears and how your day was a quality time together.

Go for a walk, too.

Working on a side-by-side-house Project is a time of quality.

Cooking, hanging out with friends, or just both of you … there are many ways to spend your time better.

7/Together small rituals develop

Let’s dig a little deeper.

June and John walk around the neighborhood every morning.

I Wake up every morning at 2: 30 with my partner to make him coffee and say goodbye to him
What is your little daily ritual?

Do you have one?

Make no mistake about it.

Your rituals or little habits build precious moments. These are the “good times” that you often think about. It is the closeness, the intimate feeling of “only two” that unites them the most.

8/Respect for the other’s personal space

Of course, they love each other and want to spend every second of their free time together.

For a while.

However, sooner or later your relationship goes into “established mode”, and you do not feel the need to devote 24 hours of your day to another person every day.

You need your own space.

He needs his own place.

Respect this and expect respect from your side.


Time for yourself will help you return to your partner’s arms happier to see it.

And the best part?

It makes you miss it a little too much.

I have moments alone. enjoy them. You have moments together. enjoy them.

9/Keep Your Promises

I write about it all the time.


I’ve had relationships with men who didn’t keep their promises and didn’t keep them.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s unpleasant to be with someone who doesn’t do what they say?

First, you may be disappointed.

You’ll get used to it later.

Eventually, you will lose confidence in them.

Ugly truth?

No relationship could survive if one of the partners was constantly slowing down their promises.

And speaking of trust…


It’s not a surprise to you, is it?

Trust and a strong, healthy relationship go hand in hand, no matter what part of the world you live in.

And when I talk about trust, I mean the 100% unquestionable trust that you have in another, which seems ridiculous in the eyes of many people. This is the trust you need to build.

Sounds stupid?

This is the only trust worth building.

It takes time. This requires work on both sides, but it is worth it in the best way.

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