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15 obvious reasons why relationships fail

15 obvious reasons why relationships fail

Why Does A Relationship Fail And Can You Do Something With A Ruined Relationship?
What are the main causes of couples breaking up? Are you threatened with separation? Why are you not happy in your relationship? Why do relationships easily collapse these days and there is nothing that can be done to save them?

I hope you understand these serious questions.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of your relationships and an analysis of what might be wrong with them, look no further. In this post, I’m in no hurry to explain why relationships end quickly these days, why they don’t work well, and what you could do about it.

Why Do Relationships Always Fail?
First, relationships do not always fail. And honestly, you just need an attitude to work well for you, right?

Second, before we delve into the many possible reasons why couples break up, let me mumble a little about life and the lessons we need to learn about love.

I met my boyfriend trying to survive a devastating breakup. It took some time to enter into a new relationship, and even more time it took me to learn to trust him.

But I am glad that everything happened exactly as if I had no terrible experiences behind, I could never vote and what we have now.

Relationships fail to break our hearts. Relationships do not help us to find ourselves and grow.

However, fleeing towards the end of the relationship is not a good thing.

So, what is the reason why most couples around us break up, divorce and separate from each other (sometimes without knowing the real reasons)?

Causes Of The Failure Of The Relationship And How To Do It Correctly
However, I will not only give you the reasons why the relationship is easily crumbling these days, but I will also explain how each of these problems.

If you find that your relationship has any of these problems, you will also have a short navigation on how to deal with the problem.

1/We Are Not Ready To Work On This Relationship

Don’t put your work into a relationship is our trademark in the world of millennials. I bet you’ve met at least one beautiful picture of an older couple having a text: the difference between a relationship now and a relationship before is that when something breaks out, we’re used to fixing it rather than throwing it away.

2/Relationships fail because we don’t compromise

In this BLOG, I talked about my neighbors and their secret of a long relationship. This is the sweetest older couple and have been together for over 50 years. When I asked them what their secret to a happy marriage was, they both said “compromise” at the same time.

Thus, compromises are the secret ingredient of a lasting relationship, and it is the lack of compromise that causes so many relationships to fail quickly.

If we do not want to compromise on the little things of everyday life, our relationship is doomed.

Why is it so difficult to compromise?

Since it challenges our ego, a compromise on one thing means that we are ready to lose. If it is not a victory, then it is a loss. The desire to always be right and win in all situations is a painful experience for our partners, and it’s just selfishness.

3/Due To Lack Of Devotion

We often associate devotion with spirituality and religion. These are life commitments that we take and that we usually never violate.

With all that has been said…

Have you noticed that people are less and less devoted to each of these other days?

We hastened to please everyone around us, and at the end of the day, the only thing we could manage was a hot meal and a soft pillow.

But devoting oneself to each other is another secret for a healthy and happy relationship. Treating our partnership as something sacred, we must keep it close to the heart – it is as important as any other aspect of life.

4/We Get Bored And Lose Romance

Okay, eventually romance might try to escape. Your weekdays are devoted to work and dinner preparation, while weekends are left to clean up and meet friends.

Gradually, you stop looking for ways of romance with your partner and forget that there was once a passion between you.

Your relationship fails and it’s not because you don’t like each other.

It’s because you forgot how to show your love.

5/We don’t trust each other.

I know you won’t be surprised to see that lack of confidence promises a break.

The four main pillars of any relationship are trust, commitment, respect, and effective communication. If you can not trust your partner or he has trouble trusting you, you can also say that you are one step away from parting.

We give up our trust at the beginning of the relationship and risk losing everything.

6/We try to change each other.

Now it’s not surprising, is it?

It is known that once entered into a relationship, many partners try to change themselves along the way. She does not like the way she handles household chores; she does not like that she is constantly nervous. Both begin to complain about what the other needs to change, so sooner or later this change will occur

7/Relationships Fail Due To Stress

The way we treat stress causes illness, mental problems, and failures in a relationship yes.

Stress itself does not exist. Exactly what we do and how we treat ourselves and our lives creates stress.

And many relationships quickly collapse when faced with a lot of stress. We all act differently when we are stressed, panic, howl, deprive sleep, eat too much (or not enough), become irritable, and nibble on others. We are not ourselves.

8/Poor Communication Destroys All Relationships

Poor communication is one of the main causes of the failure of relations.

Both because we are afraid to share our feelings and thoughts with a partner, and because he refuses to listen and understand, communication problems in many of our relationships destroy our relationships.

9/We’re not made for each other.

Compatibility of relations is difficult to follow for a relatively long time. Sometimes it’s obvious, but often if we compare some of the basics, we forget to investigate further.

Different family values, different goals and views on life, different alcoholic habits, different religions or traditions – all this can be an example of incompatibility between relationships.

10/We Have Too Many Expectations

Yeah, now we’re going deep.

Why do relationships fail? Why do we suffer after our relationship has failed? Why are we fighting? Why do we suffer from poor communication?

11/I don’t know how to argue the right way

All couples fight.

However, not everyone survives after the fight.

People shout at each other, get angry, beat and break things, say bad things, and expect to be forgiven.

But can you forgive someone who has changed before your eyes to the point where they discussed you?

12/We can not forgive, forget, or let go.

If you stay with someone longer, it will hurt you.

And you’re gonna hurt them too.

It’s inevitable.

In most cases, this happens by accident, but this does not make it less painful for each other.

But it is our duty to forgive if we want to be together.

13/We do not respect them.

Disrespect is too common a problem these days.

We have ceased to respect the privacy of the other person, the right to choose, and the right to dissent.

14/We Are Struggling With Monetary Problems

Half of divorces are due to money problems.

Money is something that we should not mix with love, but somehow we still do it.

I once had a guy (only for a couple of months) who worked only part-time and earned so little money that he failed to eat normally. The reason was that he was studying and claimed that he did not have time to work full-time. His apartment for rent was in a terrible condition and lived in poverty. I felt sorry for him and tried to help him. He often came home to eat and sleep. I didn’t expect anything from him until some questions started tickling my brain over and over again.

15/We Move At A Different Speed

She wants to be in an exceptional relationship, and he is hesitant.

He wants you to know his mother; she thinks it’s too soon.

He wants to live together; he loves his cave and is not ready to abandon it.

He wants to marry her, but she is not sure of his feelings.

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