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8 Perfect First Date Rules For Sick Of Dating Women

1-In short keep

Can you handle it?

The moment when you are sure that you will never see it again, but you have just started the main course … and then there are desserts and drinks … What a waste of time.

Who said that the first perfect date should last for hours?

Make your first short date have a drink at the bar or coffee outdoors if the weather is nice.

No more.

This makes you a winner, no matter which one.

If you don’t like the date and the person standing in front of you isn’t what you need in your life, just finish your drink and you can finish it. If all goes well, you can order a second cappuccino or suggest we eat next time.

The goal of the first date is to find out if the other person is adapting to your basic expectations, and Vice versa. By basic expectations, I mean that you can have a decent conversation and both have fun. It shouldn’t last more than an hour unless it’s so surprising that it takes all day or more.

2-Make Your first perfect date as soon as possible.

As I said in the previous paragraph, the first date is to find out if they are matched and whether you want to have a second, longer date.

So don’t torture yourself and wait all week to see someone else. Do it as soon as possible so we can see if it’s worth it. This advice will save you tons of emotions and energy.

3- Don’t Worry about your appearance.

Sir, I know! We usually get ready for an appointment a week before the event. We spent at least an hour preparing for the eventful evening.

Then we’ll regret it.

It wasn’t worth it!

Hair, makeup, and skirt. None of them made the night any better. He was a good boy, but we’ll never see him again.

Forget about it! Put on the easiest trick, comfortable trousers or your favorite jeans, and see if you can enjoy your time with them. The first perfect date should not have a dress code that takes several hours to put together.


I have a friend who told me that after months of flirting with an incredible girl, he finally came out for the first time. And I couldn’t stop checking his phone every two minutes. I was so upset that I didn’t want to waste a second, even though I had imagined it.

Leave your phone for the next hour or so and turn off the Internet. If something important happens and you need your attention, you get a call. Facebook Instagram or keep it under control and you will probably never see it again.

Why? It’s annoying and disrespectful to pay more attention to the car in your hands than the person in front of you.

It is possible that it can be applied in any case, and not just on the first day.

5-Limit alcohol-one likes you the perfect Date sober

It’s not about saying something you’ll regret. And ” because you lose the ability to make correct conclusions about the date. If you are looking for a serious relationship and are tired of Dating the wrong people, you need your ability to quickly assess the situation. And that requires a clear mind. One or two drinks are allowed, but you know your boundaries better than I do, and you must promise not to cross them.

6-Be yourself

I hate this advice!

Do you know why you see it everywhere?

Because no one wants to be who you are on your first date.

Many people look, talk, and behave completely differently than they do in their daily lives.

Then be you.
This gives the other the ability to decide whether they are entering your world and makes you relaxed and calm. The first perfect date should happen.

7-Make a list of three things you want to know.

You have experience in bad relationships, don’t you? And you know (or think you know) what you want from the next person in your life. Or if you don’t, you have an idea of what you don’t want. Make a list of three things you want to know about another that gives you the information you need most.

Let’s say you have a bad experience with an ex-boyfriend who drank too much and it was rude and disrespectful after it happened. After all you’ve been through, one of your new priorities may be to be with someone who doesn’t drink too much or doesn’t drink at all. You can put it on the list.

It may have been a bad relationship in which your former partner tried to control and manipulate you. You should also add it to the list. I know it’s hard to find it on a first date, but once you write it, it’s easier to recognize the pattern or similarity.

8-Who pays the bill on their first perfect date?

It doesn’t matter. I think the problem with the bill is somewhat overstated.

Too much pressure on men, and too many false conclusions for women. It’s just a first date. If he’s here before you and hasn’t ordered anything for you, bring us something. When you’re together, you just need to see how it works. Never be silent and wait for the other to pay without offering to split the bill. But he leaves the conclusion about the money for the next meeting. The purpose of the first is to see and know each other.

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